A teacher’s story in the first of a series exploring the experiences of Covid-19 survivors from around the world.

Mark Anthony Balcueva struggled to breathe and had to be put on a cocktail of drugs, with only the thought of his daughter back in the Philippines keeping him alive.

A Beijing doctor tells of fear, chaos and ‘cruel disease’ during pandemic.

Pitak Kaewprapol was among thousands of fight fans who ignored a government order to attend a boxing match at Lumpinee stadium. He didn’t know it then, but he was in for the fight of his life.

SCMP journalist Elaine Ly spent a month in a Hong Kong hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. On the other side of the world, her mother was also battling the disease, on a ventilator.

Ratri Anindyajati suffered a torrent of abuse on social media after she, her sister and her mother became the first Indonesians to catch Covid-19.

‘I was not scared to die but I was scared to leave my wife alone,’ says Thomas Abraham, thought to be the oldest coronavirus survivor in India.

‘It was like waiting for death,’ infected man says of suffering at home while hospitals were full.

As part of our series on the experiences of Covid-19 survivors around the world, a city council consultant in Barcelona thanks public health for healing her.

People in the world’s first coronavirus-hit city are emerging to assess the human devastation wrought by Covid-19.

Behind the statistics are stories like Adele Jiang’s, a 24-year-old university student who has repeatedly tested positive for Covid-19.

University professor Park Hyun, who initially thought the outbreak was ‘not his problem’, has turned to Facebook to share his experience with friends and loved ones.

Rohit Datta assumed he had the flu after returning from a tour of Italy and Hungary. When he learned he had the virus, guilt that he may have infected family was worse than the symptoms.