Jaden Smith, son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is known to challenge gender norms. From sporting a skirt in a fashion campaign to launching a gender-fluid clothing line, Jaden has become an LGBTQ+ icon, fighting for self-expression for his generation and the next.

Hong Kong has a proud history of LGBTQ+ representation. The city has found inspiration in outspoken and flamboyant stars unafraid to speak their mind or be themselves. From Canto-pop to cinema, here are five of the city’s stars who have, regardless of their own sexuality, become LGBTQ+ icons.

The UK parliament legalised same-sex marriage in 2013, and Queen Elizabeth renewed her promise of fighting discrimination in 2017. Her grandchildren also support LGBTQ+ rights, and Prince William has discussed how he would react if one of his children were to come out as gay.

She’s America’s first Chinese female film writer, director and producer, who wrote, directed and produced more than 10 films. She’s also a successful entrepreneur and open lesbian, accepted by her friends and family – why haven’t we heard about her until now?

The world of YouTube and social media celebrity has helped pave the way for transgender visibility. Influencers Nikkie de Jager, Nikita Dragun, Miles McKenna, Parker Jeydon Wale, Jazz Jennings and Julie Vu have all opened up about their transgender journey on social media

There’s an app for everything now, and dating is no exception. Tinder may have contributed “swipe right” to the lexicon, but apps tailored to the LGBTQ+ community are in full swing, too. Whether for dating or socialising, these 5 apps all have a place for those seeking romance or just good company

The LGBTQ+ icon has been making headlines since birth, and has garnered an incredible following among LGBTQ+ kids for her street style

The Twilight actress was scorned by Trump for cheating on co-star Robert Pattinson – and recently announced plans to marry the writer Dylan Meyer