Zhang Weili used her fear of failure to defeat top-ranked Jéssica Andrade to claim the UFC Women's Strawweight Championship title in just 42 seconds, becoming the first UFC champion in China.. What was her childhood like? What is her fighting philosophy?

Some of Asia’s best action movies were made with female hero rather than a male one. From Liu Yifei and Yanin Vismitananda to Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh, these seven women in martial arts roles prove that they don’t need a man to save them

Hong Kong-born actress and “female Bruce Lee”, JuJu Chan, who stars in Netflix series Wu Assassins and shot Jiu Jitsu with Nicolas Cage, talks to STYLE about her favourite fight scene and getting in fighting shape

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Amanda Nunes, Paige VanZant, Michelle Waterson, Rose Namajunas and Joanna Jędrzejczyk are a dangerous mixture of beauty and brawn, and provide great examples of athleticism, charisma and talent for young girls to look up to

Chinese literature is not short of heroines like Mulan. Classic wuxia novels such as Legends of the Condor Heroes and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer are packed full of fierce female fighters, while the legend of Nie Yin’niang inspired the hit movie The Assassin, starring Shu Qi

She’s the current best female flyweight, is 2019’s No 15 MMA Fighter of the Year and is starring in Halle Berry’s Bruised, but Valentina “The Bullet” Shevchenko is more than just a kick-boxing legend

The fighter often takes to her social media account to show her devotion to martial arts, Bruce Lee, and even hotpot. What else do we know about her interests and workout routine?

Her fans hail her as “the female Bruce Lee”. It’s easy to see why, as she’s skilled in karate, kung fu, judo, and more. She’s worked with stars like Nicholas Cage, Donnie Yen and Max Zhang. Here are some more things you probably didn’t know about the 30-year-old action star

Everyone’s heard of Ip Man and Bruce Lee, but what about their female counterparts? From swordsmanship to tai chi and animal-style kung fu, meet these five incredible women who mastered martial arts as completely as anyone