After a two-month delay caused by Covid-19, the annual ‘two sessions’ begins on Friday in the most challenging environment for decades.

National People’s Congress due to meet on Friday after two-month delay due to pandemic.

Premier’s remarks expected to spark lively debate, set tone for future action on Hong Kong.

Insiders say the PLA will want to match or exceed last year’s 7.5 per cent growth rate as tensions mount on several fronts.

Tense relations with the US and the question of whether armed confrontation can be avoided will loom large when China’ss political elites meet.

Chinese leaders are expected to announce how they will handle the unprecedented economic fallout from the coronavirus at the National People’s Congress.

US-China trade war, coronavirus pandemic, decoupling and deglobalisation had already soured the mood in Beijing towards the global system ahead of the National People’s Congress.

China’s 14th five-year plan is expected to include greater focus on domestic economic development to ease its reliance on the US in the post-coronavirus world.

China’s five-year plans provide the blueprint for the economy.